GNU Telephony

We are GNU Telephony

Coventry is a IP telephony server being developed for connecting SIP users and devices with local ai voice, messaging, and facility automation services.

Updated 1 hour ago

A package to collect, test, and vendor inline c++ headers I previously duplicated into other packages and portable c++ command line utilities

Updated 16 hours ago

Bordeaux is a voice application server for modern IP telephony networks using modern C++ practices along with advances originally made in GNU Bayonne.

Updated 18 hours ago

Bristol will make legacy telephony networks available to IP telephony services thru the SIP protocol and RTP media sessions

Updated 2 weeks ago

The Babylon project is a re-creation of many of my original PBX network integration tools from the early 1990's, in go.

Updated 5 months ago

This is an experimental re-think of my original gnu sipwitch architecture. This package includes both a server and a desktop sip user/messaging agent based on work in GFC antisipate, and may eventually include a mobile client too

Updated 6 months ago