Python wrappers over Gnuastro's programs for easy usage within Python-based pipelines.
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Python wrappers for Gnuastro's programs

Many processing pipelines use Python as their high-level language. In the future, we do plan to add direct Python access to Gnuastro's libraries, for example see However, that will take time since it is a pretty low-level feature.

In the meantime, to allow easy access within Python, we can write python wrappers to call Gnuastro's programs. For example, someone may want to run NoiseChisel on an image (as a Numpy array in Python). We can write that image to a file in a temporary directory, run NoiseChisel over that file, then read the output FITS file as a Numpy array and delete the file. The same can be done for other programs. Or useful complex scenarios (for example using Arithmetic to stack images in a unique way, or calling NoiseChisel+Segment+MakeCatalog, or etc).