simple library for fancy terminal io based on termbox
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/* termfx.h
* provide simple terminal interface for lua
* Gunnar Zötl <>, 2014-2015
* Released under the terms of the MIT license. See file LICENSE for details.
#define _VERSION "0.7.1"
#define TFXCELL "TfxCell"
#define TFXBUFFER "TfxBuffer"
#if LUA_VERSION_NUM == 501
#define luaL_newlib(L,funcs) lua_newtable(L); luaL_register(L, NULL, funcs)
#define luaL_setfuncs(L,funcs,x) luaL_register(L, NULL, funcs)
#define lua_rawlen(L, i) lua_objlen(L, i)
#define maxargs(L, n) if (lua_gettop(L) > (n)) { return luaL_error(L, "invalid number of arguments."); }
/* from termfx_color.c */
extern void tfx_color_init(lua_State *L);