cross platform gui lib for lua
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libui notes
- must call uiInit() before anything else
- set up all your stuff, then call uiMain() to start app (or loop uiMainStep() until it returns 0)
- uiQuit() terminates uiMain() loop
- call uiUninit() before app termination
- so the call order is:
... create widgets
- uiControlHandle(), uiControlSetparent(), uiControlParent(), uiAllocControl(), uiFreeControl(), uiControlVerifySetParent(), uiControlEnabledToUser(), uiUserBug*() are not intended for client use
- uiControlParent() may be useful because a control can't be deallocated if it still is attached to a parent
- uiControlDestroy() on containers destroys all children
- uiWindowOnClosing: return 1 to destroy window after callback, 0 to not do that
- must create menu before(!) creating the window that uses the menu.
- uiMenuAppendCheckItem() -> onclick method called after checked status changed!
- uiMenuItem, uiMenu is not a uiControl!
- neither are uiDrawBrush, uiDrawStrokeParams, uiDrawMatrix, uiDrawPath, uiDrawTextLayout, uiContext
- uiContext need not be free()d, it is created temporarily
- container widgets destroy their children when they are destroyed