socket support for lua
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### add your documentation files here
### no user servicable parts below
ROCK=$(shell basename src/*.rockspec .rockspec)
@echo targets are pack and html
@echo to build the module, enter src and make there.
# make html documentation from text (markdown) documentation
html: $(DOCFILES:%=html/%.html)
html/%.html: src/doc/% html/header html/footer
sed -e"s/%NAME%/`basename $<`/" < html/header > $@
multimarkdown $< >> $@
sed -e"s/%NAME%/`basename $<`/" < html/footer >> $@
# build archive for luarocks
cd src && make clean
cd src && luarocks lint $(ROCK).rockspec
mkdir $(ROCK)
cp -r src/* $(ROCK)
tar czf $(ROCK).tar.gz $(ROCK)
rm -rf $(ROCK)