minecraft16 let you run latest Minecraft on FreeBSD
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minecraft16 let you run latest Minecraft on FreeBSD. minecraft16 is fork of lwjgl3-port


Qt5 libs located in /usr/local/lib/cmake makes build fail! To avoid that, port removes /usr/local/lib/cmake. If you need /usr/local/lib/cmake for building qt programs, move /usr/local/lib/cmake somewhere else before building, and then place it back

Important Notification

minecraft16 doesn't work on default Minecraft.jar launcher, you should select a launcher that works with minecraft16, for example MultiMC, Mineshafter or CrystalLauncher. If you have microsoft account only, use ChunkLauncher. However, ChunkLauncher need patching. This is described in "Patching ChunkLauncher" section.

Why not use orginal port?

The orginal port can run only 1.13-1.14.2, while minecraft16 can run ALL Minecraft versions - preclassic - 1.17


openjdk8 (Main dependency)

git (working to make it optional)

cmake (to build non-lwjgl libs)

xorg (y'now, most graphical games needs to display something...)


apache-ant (to build lwjgl)



openjdk16 (optional, only if you want to run 1.17 and higher)


Installation of minecraft16 is simple.

First is to clone my copy of Ports, to ports dir

cd /usr && git clone http://codeberg.org/glowiak/FreeBSD-Ports.git && mv FreeBSD-Ports/games/* /usr/ports/games/ && rm -rf /usr/FreeBSD-Ports

Then build the port like any other package

cd /usr/ports/games/minecraft16 && make install clean

When it asks to use java 8, type 'y'.


You can start minecraft16 by launching "Minecraft LWJGL3" from application menu, or by typing 'minecraft16' in terminal

Java Executable Path

To use Minecraft 1.13 or newer, set java executable path to "/usr/local/share/minecraft16/lwjgl3/minecraft-runtime", to use 1.12.2 or older, set it to "/usr/local/share/minecraft16/minecraft-runtime"

To use Minecraft 1.17 or newer, set java executable path to "/usr/local/share/minecraft16/lwjgl3/java16-runtime", to this you need to have openjdk16 package installed.

How to get maximum performace?

On FreeBSD you can get performance better than on other OSes - this isn't apple's magic. THIS IS BSD MAGIC. Make sure that you have video drivers (drm-kmod or nvidia) installed and running, then after running Minecraft, 1.go to options, go to video settings. 2. Set graphics to fast, turn off clouds, turn off entity shadows. 3.Set "Max framerate" to "Unlimited", change render distance to 8 chunks. 4. Disable VSYNC, because vsync is synchronizing fps with your monitor - usually it just limits your framerate to 60fps. Without it you can get 131 and more fps.

Minecraft 1.17 not works when using bundled launcher

minecraft16 comes with bundled nonpremium Mineshafter Launcher, which cannot run 1.17 and newer without modifications:

First (you should have done this before) change java executable to '/usr/local/share/minecraft16/lwjgl3/java16-runtime'

If java16-runtime doesn't exists, execute following command as root:

fetch --no-verify-peer -o /usr/local/share/minecraft16/lwjgl3/java16-runtime https://codeberg.org/glowiak/minecraft16/raw/branch/master/lwjgl3/java16-runtime && chmod 775 /usr/local/share/minecraft16/lwjgl3/java16-runtime

Next remove following string from jvm arguments: '-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode '


I updated minecraft16, now Mineshafter is the default launcher.


Someone told me that distributing rootfs tarball isn't good idea. No. In my opinion this IS a good idea. make is too limited to do it with it, rootfs tarball is and will be model of minecraft16 distribution.

Virtualbox-OSE problems

After unpacking the roofs tarball, virtualbox stops working. To fix it, type in terminal as root: 'chown root /usr && chown root /usr/local'


I submitted minecraft16 as port 'games/minecraft16'. We have to wait for a while. Thanks to Alexander88207 for help with writing Makefile

Patching ChunkLauncher

To patch ChunkLauncher, you have to have minecraft16 installed, then download cl_jre_fix.tar.bz2, go to downloads directory and type in terminal as root: 'tar xjf cl_jre_fix.tar.bz2 -C /'. Next launch ChunkLauncher, go to "System Settings" tab, and change "JRE path" to "/usr/local/share/cl_jre". Done. This patch should be a port in a future.

ChunkLauncher Patch package

You don't have to download the tar.bz2 file and unpack into fs. You can do it easier - download cl-jre-fix-1.0.txz, and install it with pkgng

ChunkLauncher Patch Port

The patch is also available as (yet unofficial) port. Go to port's website, and follow the instructions :D

Installing from my ports copy

I don't want to wait, when I want to add a port, so I made my own Ports repository. You can install minecraft16 from it. It also contains cl-jre-fix and some other things

A problem

LWJGL is multiarchitecture, but there are two other libs - glfw and openal-soft, which aren't multiplatform. Both of them needs to be builded with cmake, but cmake won't build it, when qt is installed on the system. What should I do with it?