• 4.0.0 8ea7e470c5

    4.0.0 Stable

    mmarif released this 2021-08-16 10:31:32 +00:00 | 206 commits to main since this release

    🎉 New Features

    • Revamped UI across the whole app
    • Notifications for all accounts
    • Explore public organizations
    • New dialog popup for About App
    • Users profile view with details, repositories, starred repositories, organizations, followers, following
    • Delete head branch after PR is merged
    • Time selection for changing dark theme
    • More deep linking for other endpoints like user profile, organizations, issues, pr, releases etc

    🚀 Improvements

    • Improve markdown rendering with pooling
    • Add private icon to repository toolbar, archived message in repository info
    • Remove PDF rendering as it became broken with recent Android updates
    • Improve comment title in reply dialog
    • Make links clickable in Markdown
    • Localized language list
    • Hide mark as read button when no notifications are available
    • Go back to repository screen when coming from links for issue/pr

    🐛 Bug Fixes

    • Fix link handler scroll issue
    • Fix crash on repository with no files
    • Fix security bug in biometric auth
    • Fix markdown rendering after editing file

    📝 Notes

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