• 3.5.0

    mmarif 4 weeks ago | 12 commits to master since this release

    🎉 New features

    • Render emoji in issue/pr titles, commit message and markdown files
    • Cron tasks (Admin only)
    • Biometric support to unlock the app
    • Switch to saved instance when coming from email/links
    • Copy user login id to clipboard upon tap on avatars
    • Progress notification for downloading files
    • Rewrite file viewer in native code to move away from traditional js to load files faster and easy on memory

    🚀 Improvements

    • File viewer
      • Support more file types, e.g: haxe, typescript. kotlin
      • Better handling of large files
    • Allow multi line text in content inputs
    • Improve app performance
    • Improve files UI
    • Improve navigation from keyboard for all input boxes
    • Improve images loading
    • Improve create/edit/delete file UI

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix crash for org labels in offline mode
    • Fix offline mode memory regression
    • Fix create file crash when no branch is selected
    • Fix crash on commenting in some occasions
    • Fix stargazer screen theme
    • Fix crash on high res images in file viewer
    • Fix encoded url render in files breadcrumb
    • Fix encoding in user names

    📝 Notes

    📩 Download Files