• 3.0.0

    mmarif 9 months ago | 4 commits to release-3.0 since this release

    🎉 New features

    • Notifications (require Gitea 1.12.3 or higher)
    • Closed pull requests
    • New settings screen
    • New diff view for PR files
    • Cite code in PR diff and comment on it by long press
    • Delete comments
    • Clear cache, configure cache size (settings)
    • Add/remove member from a team
    • Delete branch after merge
    • New file downloader (no permission required)
    • Close/open filter Milestones
    • Change tabs of issues to filters(closed/open)
    • Redesigned milestones screen
    • Redesigned releases screen
    • Quote and reply on issue comment or copy it to clipboard
    • Drafts for comments
    • Delete draft when comment is posted (enable/disable in settings)
    • New icons set
    • Switch branches in File Browser

    🚀 Improvements

    • Change link to button in branches and commits for viewing commits
    • Move Administration to main navigation and show only to admins
    • Enhance statusbar color for light theme
    • Hide new branch when current is selected
    • Port highlightjs(code highlighter) into the app
    • Improved issue/pr subscription
    • Improve profile screen
    • Improve single issue screen ui
    • Improve layouts for issues, files, PRs, branches
    • Improved Organization info screen
    • Show archive message if repo is archived
    • Enhance bottom sheet UI
    • Redesign labels
    • Set Explore or Drafts as your home screen
    • Support for Samsung DeX

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Fix search across tabs
    • Fix repositories layout bug
    • Fix files diff crash for some instances

    📝 Notes

    • Use Gitea 1.12.x or above for better app experience.

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