• 2.4.0

    6543 1 year ago | 8 commits to release-2.4 since this release

    🎉 New features

    • Light theme (choose from settings)
    • New Icons
    • Download files in Fileviewer (needs write permission)
    • Custom fonts (choose from settings)
    • PDF support in Fileviewer
    • Night mode for PDF in Fileviewer (choose from settings)
    • Default list of repositories in Explore screen
    • Latvian language support

    🚀 Improvements

    • Support more files in file viewer syntax highlighter
    • Exclude BIN files rendering in diff viewer
    • Exclude specific files in Fileviewer like doc, xls etc
    • Single issue id and support copy title and description to clipboard
    • Translation updates

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • Don't refresh repositories without action

    📝 Notes

    📩 Download Files