[Pull] Add screens, update readme, f-droid desc #214

opened 3 years ago by mmarif · 0 comments
mmarif commented 3 years ago

Will close #171

Original Pull att :https://gitea.com/gitnex/GitNex/pulls/214

Merged with: 85a7fddc49

Will close #171 --- Original Pull att :https://gitea.com/gitnex/GitNex/pulls/214 Merged with: 85a7fddc49d8bcfea398444722b827ceb3940afe
mmarif added this to the 2.3.0 milestone 3 years ago
mmarif added the
📱 F-droid
🤾 Google-play
labels 3 years ago
mmarif closed this issue 3 years ago
mmarif was assigned by 6543 3 years ago
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