A fork of emoji-java modified to satisfy the needs of GitNex.
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  • Bugfix: respect fitzpatrick modifier when extracting emojis (thanks @sullis)


  • Many performance improvements to the parsing of the emojis (thanks @freva)
  • Add a containsEmoji function (thanks @freva!)


  • Fix the HTML to Unicode parser to always parse the longer emojis (thanks @freva)
  • Add alias for "pumpkin" (thanks @sullis)
  • Add a lot of missing flag emojis (thanks @ankitkariryaa)
  • Support for all emojis from Unicode 11.0
  • Support for all emojis from Unicode 10.0
  • Add a EmojiParser.replaceAllEmojis function (thanks @cbedoy)


  • Add "source code" strings to emoji json database
  • Fix some missing/out-of-order code points (thanks @BillyGalbreath)
  • Upgrade org.json:json dependency (thanks @PhotonQyv)
  • Update README with new emojis (thanks @jtobard)


  • Add family_man_woman_girl_boy emoji (thanks @freva)
  • Fix EmojiManager.isEmoji to support fitzpatrick modifiers (thanks @freva)
  • Fixed several emojis that had the wrong support_fitzpatrick flag (thanks @Tapchicoma)
  • Add some tests to avoid duplicate aliases
  • Fixed several duplicated aliases in the emoji DB


  • Fixed Poland flag (thanks @Sheigutn)
  • Improvements to the smile emojis (thanks @miquelbeltran)
  • Add a bunch of emojis from Apple iOS 10.2 release
  • Fix some missing fitzpatrick modifiers
  • Add an EmojiManager.isOnlyEmojis() method


  • Removed all variance selectors from the JSON database. Thanks @roberterdin !


  • Additions and updates to the emoji database (victory hand now supports fitzpatrick, adds Saint Vincent Grenadines' flag, add the regional indicator symbols). Thanks @lologist !
  • Force the database to be loaded in UTF-8.
  • Enable the extension of the EmojiParser class.


  • Add the ability to provide a custom EmojiTransformer that will enable developers to add their custom emoji replacement methods. Thanks @freva !


  • Add fitzpatrick support for 👃 ("nose") and 👂 ("ear")
  • Fix duplicated "sunglasses" alias
  • Performance improvements (using a Trie structure)
  • Parsing support for multiple emojis (such as "family_man_woman_boy")
  • Fix EmojiManager.getAll() that returned some duplicates
  • Use a BufferedReader to load the database


Update the emoji database to support the additions of iOS 9.1


Fix the htmlDec and htmlHex codes for the multiple emojis (such as family (man, man, girl, boy))


Rollback dependency org.json:json to 20140107 to keep the compatibility with Java 6 & 7


  • Add methods:
    • EmojiParser#removeAllEmojis(String)
    • EmojiParser#removeAllEmojisExcept(String, Collection<Emoji>)
    • EmojiParser#removeEmojis(String, Collection<Emoji>)
  • Upgrade dependency org.json:json


Bug fix on the 👎 emoji


  • Update of the emoji database
    • Add 14 new family emojis (man_man_boy, woman_woman_girl, etc.)
    • Add 4 new couple emojis
    • Add the "vulcan_salute" and "middle_finger" emojis
    • Add 198 flags
  • Addition of the support for the diversity emojis (Fitzpatrick modifiers)
  • Removal of the deprecated methods Emoji#getHtml and EmojiParser#parseToHtml
  • Improvements in the javadoc


Closing the stream used to read the emoji database in EmojiManager.java


  • Update of the emoji database
  • Adding support for HTML hexadecimal:
    • Emoji#getHtmlHexadecimal
    • EmojiParser#parseToHtmlHexadecimal
  • The old HTML support is now HTML decimal:
    • Deprecating Emoji#getHtml (replaced by Emoji#getHtmlDecimal)
    • Deprecating EmojiParser#parseToHtml (replaced by EmojiParser#parseToHtmlDecimal)


Bug fix on the 👍 emoji


First release.