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My personal suckless configs


To install any programs (dwm, dmenu, st, slstatus or slock), go to the directory of the program you want to compile and run sudo make install.

Changes from the original configuration

All programs

  • The font is Inconsolata LGC (with support for Greek and Cyrillic scripts, alongside Latin)
  • Applied the dwm-alpha patch, except from dmenu (In order to be used, you need to have a compositor like compton/picom installed)


  • The modifier key is changed from Mod1Mask(Alt key) to Mod4Mask (Super/Meta/Windows key)

  • Applied the dwm-gaps patch (the gaps pixels are 5px and the window borders are 1px)

  • Changed the col_cyan variable with the col_custom one (the value here is #6e6e6e)

  • Applied the patch for emojis by using the libxft-bgra package

  • Removed the label part from the top bar.

  • The Mod+Shift+Enter key combination launches kitty instead of st


  • The font is Inconsolata LGC
  • Added a custom prompt
  • Vertical list instead of a horizontal one, with 5 lines
  • Same color scheme (set up from the dwm configuration)


  • The interval between updates is set to 100
  • The values that appear are: Wi-Fi percentage, volume percentage (through pamixer), battery percentage, keyboard layout, keyboard indicators, date (in dd/mm/yyyy format) and time.


Installation on Void Linux

In order to install dwm (and other programs from suckless), you need to install the base-devel, X11-devel, libXft-devel and libXinerama-devel packages. You also need to change the X11INC and X11LIB directories to /usr/include/X11 and /usr/lib/X11.

Firefox appears in the 9th tag

To fix this issue, open the config.h file of dwm and change the tags_mask value in the Rules section from 1 << 8 to 0. Save the file and recompile dwm.




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