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"kill-9 can't be on a resume because it's too based"

--- Vane Vander

This is a website made by qorg11. This is a "blog" about anything. It runs werc as its "cms"

This website is world heritage

Anything that I've written in this website is under CC BY SA license. Images might or might not be under that license.

Any article in this website is WIP. And they will always be WIP.


We have an IRC channel: #kill-9 in

You can join to the IRC channel using XMPP joining to this MUC: (change to your prefered irc to xmpp bridge if you have one)

Contributing to this website

You can contribute to kill-9 either writting things or donating


Clone the thing from the git repo. Make whatever changes and send them to me. If possible using git-send-email(1) but sending a .diff (made with git-diff(1), obviously) is also acceptable.


You can donate to kill-9 using Bitcoin or Monero.

Contact qorg for alternative ways of donation.

RSS/Atom feed

Since we use a fucking wiki software and this is not a blog we don't have a RSS feed.

Nevertheless, we use git for the control of this website. Meaning everytime we made a commit on this website. the Atom feed is updated. So you can use that Atom feed.

Please note that that the Atom feed can have any kind of crap. From "fixed typos" to a whole new article. Anyways, I hope it helps you.


  • Update information in the website
  • Make external images internal
  • Add more articles
  • Remove all <img> tag and repleace them with the markdown thing (which will require resizing images)
  • Add more software to the rocks/computers/software (take it from the harmful/software table)
  • Add link to entries in rocks/computer/software in the harmful/software/table

(defconstant NUMBER_OF_PEOPLE 10)
(defvar *i* 0)

(defun rewrite (n) n)
(defun memory (n) n)

(format t "Beginning system reset.....")
(if (y-or-n-p "ALL RESET?")
    (loop while (<= *i* NUMBER_OF_PEOPLE)
     (rewrite (memory *i*))
     (defparameter *i* (1+ *i*))))

car car car car cdr cdr cdr cdr car cdr eval apply car cdr eval apply car cdr eval apply car cdr eval apply car cdr eval apply car cdr eval apply

We are the most honored hackers that have put a feet in this earth in million of years... and we are not honored.