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A script that changes the conky theme on your desktop

Getting Started


After downloading the files, copy them to the directory of your conky.conf file exists. If you don't have a conky.conf file, follow these instructions:

To run the script, type ./ [THEME] on a terminal window.


You can use this script like this:

./ dark

After typing this, your conky configuration will be changed to the dark theme.


In order to use this script, you should have conky installed.


There are two themes you can use by default, both are slightly changed variants of the default conky.conf, optimized for use with light or dark wallpapers.

light - A theme optimized for use with a light wallpaper

dark - A theme optimized for use with a dark wallpaper

You can add your theme in the alt_conf directory if you want to. You can apply it by typing: ./ [THEME NAME]

Additional Options

There are a few additional options that you can use. You should type -- before them.

backup - Makes a backup of your current conky.conf file

restore - Restores the last backup of the conky.conf file

help - Displays the help screen


To keep a backup of your conky.conf, you should type:

./ --backup