A free and open source personal assistant
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A CLI-based personal assistant

Keep in mind that the software is under development and it's in its alpha stage, and a some features will change over time.

How to use cli-assistant

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Navigate to the files of this repository
  3. Run make to compile the software
  4. Run ./assistant to run the software

How to use cli-assistant

The cli-assistant is supposed to work in a similar way programs like Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana (and other similar applications) work, by typing a question, and according to the question, the assistant will show what you asked for.

cli-assistant works by detecting a keyword in the input of the user. And various information will appear, according to the detected keyword.

For the voice output, the espeak-ng package is required.


There are 4 available keywords in the software

  1. weather - It shows the weather in your area.
  2. time - It shows the time.
  3. date - It shows the date.
  4. website - It launches your browser with a requested website.


There are two flags in the program's code that can be changed (their values can be either 1 or 0).

  1. VOICE - It toggles the voice output.
  2. DEV - It toggles the developer mode.

The values can also be disabled when compiling by running make no-voice or make no-dev.