Personal sources for Void packages and host for their respective binaries
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Gabriel Sanches 2c3f85973f lua-language-server: Update to version 3.5.0-1 4 months ago
brModelo brModelo: Update to version 3.31-2 5 months ago
buf buf: Update to version 1.4.0-1 7 months ago
efm-langserver efm-langserver: Update to version 0.0.40 9 months ago
fuzzbucket-client Add new package "fuzzbucket-client" 7 months ago
gamescope gamescope: Update to version 3.11.27-3 4 months ago
jdtls Add new package "jdtls" 6 months ago
kana kana: Update to version 0.2.0-2 5 months ago
libliftoff libliftoff: Skip tests 9 months ago
libluv Add new package "libluv" 9 months ago
lua-language-server lua-language-server: Update to version 3.5.0-1 4 months ago
minecraft-launcher Add new package "minecraft-launcher" 5 months ago
mkcert mkcert: Update to version 1.4.3-3 5 months ago
neovim neovim: Update to version 0.8.0+20220704-1 5 months ago
neovim-remote neovim-remote: Update to version 2.5.1-2 5 months ago
park Add package "park" 10 months ago
river river: Update to version 0.1.1-3 5 months ago
rustup rustup: Update to version 1.25.1-2 4 months ago
talosctl talosctl: Update to version - 5 months ago
libliftoff-devel Add new package "libliftoff" 9 months ago