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Main acknowledgements


  • Dr. Martin Altmann for providing the Gaia orbit data
  • Stefan Payne-Wardenaar for the Milky Way model
  • DPAC and the Gaia Collaboration
  • The available catalogs and datasets have their own acknowledgements in the form of links to the original source and/or papers
  • Floor van Leeuwen for the Hipparcos star name files
  • Pierre Barbier for the constellation boundaries data

Libraries and code

  • Libgdx
  • libgdx-contribs-postprocessing
  • VisUI for some widgets (licensed under the Apache license)
  • VSOP87 code generator tool for the base VSOP87 java code
  • Mark Taylor's STIL and jsamp, available under (at least) the Academic Free License and the BSD License
  • Sergei Klioner and Robin Geyer (TU Dresden) for the idea and octave implementation of the gravitational waves effect
  • Py4J
  • set111 for the original black hole shader code, licensed by default under CC-BY-NC-SA
  • MCXR for some OpenXR abstraction code on top of LWGJL3.

Textures, models, music and other assets


Open source licenses