A simple script to email secret Santa participants.
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# Required to connect to your outgoing mail server. Example for using gmail:
# gmail
SMTP_SERVER: smtp.gmail.com
USERNAME: your_email@gmail.com
PASSWORD: "Your Password"
TIMEZONE: 'Europe/Dublin'
- Chad chad@somewhere.net This is Chad's wishlist
- Jen jen@gmail.net This is Jen's wishlist
- Bill Bill@somedomain.net This is Bill's wishlist
- Sharon Sharon@hi.org This is Sharon's wishlist
# Warning -- if you mess this up you could get an infinite loop
- Chad, Jen # Chad and Jen are married
- Chad, Bill # Chad and Bill are best friends
- Bill, Sharon
# From address should be the organizer in case participants have any questions
FROM: You <you@gmail.net>
# Both SUBJECT and MESSAGE can include variable substitution for the
# "santa" and "santee"
SUBJECT: Here's your secret santa recipient
Dear {santa},
This year you are {santee}'s Secret Santa!. Ho Ho Ho!
Don't forget that the maximum spending limit is EUR 25, and that {santee} left you below a few suggestions to help you pick the perfect christmas present.
This message was automagically generated from a computer.
Nothing could possibly go wrong...