dnd-tools is a set of interactive command-line tools for Dungeons and Dragons 5e.
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Contributing to dnd-tools:

Firstly, thank you for your use of and interest in contributing to this project! I am very open to pull requests and would be glad to see any and all suggestions and input. When contributing changes to the source code please also update version in setup.py, see sample naming conventions below.

Version 0.1.2
|______ 0.x.x - STABLE: major version release, significant structural change effecting majority modules, major bug fix, milestone beta changes
|______ x.1.x - BETA: bug fixes, feature additions / expansions, milestone alpha changes
|______ x.x.2 - ALPHA: cosmetic, whitespace, typographical, formatting changes

Did you find or fix a bug? Please review issues tagged as bugs before making a new issue report. Please be as clear and descriptive as possible when making bug reports, including output logs and what steps you've attempted to remedy the problem yourself. Contributions in this area would likely warrnat a beta version change, but depending on the frequency, severity, and number of modules effected by the bug, it could be a major / stable version change.

Did you find whatespce, format code, or make a cosmetic patch? This project involves dozens of random generators and lots of handwritten text. The entire project was created by hand, from scratch. So, it is entirely possible that there are typos and foobars that would only be encountered at random and not necessarily seen before a commit is made. These are alpha version changes in the exmaple above.

Did you add a completely new feature / module? The potential for adding features is limitless. In theory, every random table from the Dungeon Master's Guide could be added. New source material is constantly being published as well which means that there is a never ending influx of material that can be added. For example, loot from Xanthar's Guide to Everything or monsters from Mordenkainen's Book of Foes. These would be considered beta version changes in the example above.

Did you expand upon, or make an existing feature more efficient? There are many ways to program something and I am certianly not a professional. So, if you find a more efficiently progrmatic way to complete a module I'd love to see what you come up with. Generally I would consider formatting an alpha version change, but depending on the degree of improvement in efficiency / scalability a beta version change may be warranted.