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Ukraine will win
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<div class="subtitle">March 14, 2022 &mdash;
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<p>Hello everyone, long time no posts from me here.</p>
<p>I was born in Ukraine and I don&rsquo;t want to be part of Russia. 24 February Russia invaded Ukraine.
They wanted to conquer us in 3-4 days. But they still haven&rsquo;t captured any big city after 18 days
of war! Even occupied cities like Melitopol, Kherson and a lot more stand with Ukraine.
Putin thought that if the city is russian-speaking, it&rsquo;ll support &ldquo;liberation&rdquo; from Ukraine.
Russians think that our goverment is full of neo-nazi. But why then we have jewish president?
Why nationalistic parties are not supported on elections? And why a lot of countries support us
in this war?</p>
<p>About &ldquo;big&rdquo; and &ldquo;strong&rdquo; russian army. If Russia had enough good army, they hadn&rsquo;t so huge losses.
Current info is that russians had lost over 12000 of their soldiers. A bit old info that i found
in English <a href="">here</a>. It is less than our
official news, but more than 10 times more than official Russia&rsquo;s data. Russian propaganda want people
to lie people that they are winning, but they are really loosing. Also our army captured a lot of occupants,
and we treat them well. <a href="">(video with russian occupants)</a></p>
<p>They can&rsquo;t conquer us, because we are strong. So they are bombing civilians <a href="">(proof)</a>,
maternity hospitals <a href="">(proof)</a>, and they do a lot more war crimes.</p>
<p>But someone thinks that we won&rsquo;t win this war, that we will loose. How can we loose, if we have people
that don&rsquo;t give up even under occupation? Some of video proofs: <a href="">Kherson</a>,
<a href="">Melitopol</a></p>
<p>Ukraine don&rsquo;t want to be part of Russia. It is not liberation operation! Putin doesn&rsquo;t
want Ukraine to exists! He wants to restore Russian Empire, if we will lose he will want to invade more countries!</p>
<p><a href="">CLOSE THE SKY!</a></p>
<p>tags: <a href='tag_Ukraine.html'>Ukraine</a>, <a href='tag_war.html'>war</a>, <a href='tag_russia.html'>russia</a></p>
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