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<h1>About me</h1>
Hello and welcome! I am learning different programming languages. My main is Python.<br> I would like to learn: Lisp, Haskell, Go, Rust, NASM, Perl, ... <br>
Interested in different non-windows operation systems: Linux, Plan 9, FreeBSD. Also want to make web less heavy.
Some tools that I use:
<li> ~> $DISTRO=ARCH </li>
<li> ~> $EDITOR=EMACS (on my main machine) </li>
<li> ~> $WM=qtile </li>
<li> ~> $BROWSERS=
<li>~> $WEB=qutebrowser,firefox,surf,lynx,eww;</li>
<li>~> $GEMINI=amfora,bombadillo,elpher;</li>
<li>~> $GOPHER=bombadillo,elpher</li>
<li> ~> $TERMINAL=alacritty </li>
<li> ~> $OTHER_TOOLS=tmux </li>