Moodle client for Android
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To support the project, you may decide to make a monetary donation.

Donations reach me, Fynn Godau, and support my future living after I graduate. I support multiple way of donating.

Wire transfer with SEPA

If you live within the SEPA space, this is the preferred way of donating as no fees are deducted from the amount that I receive.

You may transfer funds to:

Recipient            Johannes Fynn Godau
IBAN                 DE37 4306 0967 1010 2633 00
BIC                  GENODEM1GLS
Reason for transfer  dawdle donation

Credit card via Stripe

Due to the fees that Stripe takes from your donation, it is preferable if you donate via wire transfer if you can.

Recurring donations via Liberapay

On Liberapay, you can set up a recurring donation with credit card or with SEPA direct debit in any currency of your choice.

For credit card, a fee according to the Stripe fees is deducted before the amount reaches me. For SEPA direct debit, a 35 Cent fee is deducted.

Head to dawdle's Liberapay profile to set up your donation.