DSBDirect mirror – Android client software for DSB substitute plans https://notabug.org/fynngodau/DSBDirect
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This Android client software can access a certain substitution plan distribution system (aliased ESB for Elektronisches Schwarzes Brett) which is widely spread in the German-speaking area.

It has been developed independently from heinekingmedia and implements the same functionality as their app.

  • Displays entries in a nice, native list which you can filter
  • Alternatively displays the raw website or image
  • View older versions of your plan, stored locally
  • Notifications containing your only entries
  • Replace shortcodes with teacher's full names
  • View the "News" and "Aushänge" sections
  • Loads relatively quickly


Android 4.0 and up. Notification on Android 5 and up. (Nowadays, nobody has Android 4 anymore. Truly.)

Download via release page | Download on F-Droid | Download on Google Play

Code mirrors: notabug.org | Codeberg | F-Droid source tarballs | GitLab


Main view List with cards Notice board Notice board
List view with dark theme List view with dark theme Offline history Time Travel screen

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