Useful scripts and configurations
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Fernando França (フランサ) 534999e293
17 hours ago
bash Add new alias 3 days ago
calcurse Update 2 months ago
conky Remove containers and network information 1 month ago
crontab Fix missing home variable 4 months ago
dunst Add dunst and rofi config 2 months ago
git Remove useless configuration 3 months ago
gnupg Update 3 months ago
gtk3 Update 2 months ago
i3 Update 17 hours ago
i3status Update 2 months ago
mc Update 2 months ago
moc Update multiple configurations 5 months ago
newsboat Update 2 weeks ago
qutebrowser Add default user profile 3 weeks ago
rofi Add dunst and rofi config 2 months ago
tmux Add basic tmux configuration 4 months ago
vim Update 2 months ago
vscode Update 3 weeks ago
x11 Update urxvt configuration 1 week ago