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# This script simplifies all challenges by removing any time
# limit, position requirement, etc, and setting the number
# of laps to 0. This is meant to quickly test the story
# mode without having to fully play all challenges.
for i in data/challenges/*.challenge; do
echo "Simplifying $i"
cat $i | sed 's/position="[0-9]*"/position="99"/' \
| sed 's/laps="[0-9]*"/laps="0"/' \
| sed 's/energy="[0-9]*"/energy="0"/' \
| sed 's/time="[0-9]*"/time="9999"/' \
> $
mv $ $i
for i in data/grandprix/*.grandprix; do
echo "Simplyfing GP $i"
cat $i | sed 's/laps="[0-9]*"/laps="0"/' > $
mv $ $i
echo "All challenges simplified."
echo "PLEASE do not commit the changes back to our repository!"
echo "========================================================"