Analyses of different compiler and different languages
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Compiler Analyses

These are tables that analyse different compilers for different languages.

Build Time

Language/Compiler Command Time
C (tcc) tcc code/hello_world.c 0m0.018s
C (gcc) gcc code/hello_world.c 0m0.157s
C (cc) cc code/hello_world.c 0m0.041s
Python python3 -m py_compile code/ 0m0.030s
Go go build code/hello_world.go 0m0.267s
Rust rustc code/ 0m15.139s

Run Time

Language/Compiler Command Time
C (tcc) ./a.out 0m0.001s
C (gcc) ./a.out 0m0.001s
C (cc) ./a.out 0m0.001s
Python python3 code/ 0m0.023s
Go ./hello_world 0m0.001s
Rust ./hello_world 0m0.001s

Binary Size

Language/Compiler Size
C (tcc) 20K
C (gcc) 20K
C (cc) 20K
Python 4.0K
Go 3.3M
Rust 3.3M