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Release Notes

A Forgejo release is published shortly after a Gitea release is published and they have matching release numbers. Additional Forgejo releases may be published to address urgent security issues or bug fixes. Forgejo release notes include all Gitea release notes.

The Forgejo admin should carefully read the required manual actions before upgrading. A point release (e.g. v1.18.1 or v1.18.2) does not require manual actions but others might (e.g. v1.18.0, v1.19.0).


This stable release includes a security fix. It was possible to reveal a user's email address, which is problematic because users can choose to hide their email address from everyone. This was possible because the notification email for a repository transfer request to an organization included every user's email address in the owner team. This has been fixed by sending individual emails instead and the code was refactored to prevent it from happening again.

We strongly recommend that all installations are upgraded to the latest version as soon as possible.



This stable release includes bug fixes.



This is the first Forgejo stable point release.


Critical security update for Git

Git recently announced new versions to address two CVEs (CVE-2022-23521, CVE-2022-41903). On 17 January 2023, Git published the maintenance release v2.39.1, together with releases for older maintenance tracks v2.38.3, v2.37.5, v2.36.4, v2.35.6, v2.34.6, v2.33.6, v2.32.5, v2.31.6, and v2.30.7. All major GNU/Linux distributions also provide updated packages via their security update channels.

We strongly recommend that all installations running a version affected by the issues described below are upgraded to the latest version as soon as possible.

  • When using a Forgejo binary: upgrade the git package to a version greater or equal to v2.39.1, v2.38.3, v2.37.5, v2.36.4, v2.35.6, v2.34.6, v2.33.6, v2.32.5, v2.31.6, or v2.30.7
  • When using a Forgejo container image: docker pull

Read more in the Forgejo blog.

Release process stability

The release process based on Woodpecker CI was entirely reworked to be more resilient to transient errors. A new release is first uploaded into the new Forgejo experimental organization for testing purposes.

Automated end to end testing of releases was implemented with a full development cycle including the creation of a new repository and a run of CI. It relieves the user and developer from the burden of tedious manual testing.

Container environment variables

When running a container, all environment variables starting with FORGEJO__ can be used instead of GITEA__. For backward compatibility with existing scripts, it is still possible to use GITEA__ instead of FORGEJO__. For instance:

docker run --name forgejo -e FORGEJO__security__INSTALL_LOCK=true

Forgejo hook types

A new forgejo hook type is available and behaves exactly the same as the existing gitea hook type. It will be used to implement additional features specific to Forgejo in a way that will be backward compatible with Gitea.

X-Forgejo headers

Wherever a X-Gitea header is received or sent, an identical X-Forgejo is added. For instance when a notification mail is sent, the X-Forgejo-Reason header is set to explain why. Or when a webhook is sent, the X-Forgejo-Event header is set with push, tag, etc. for Woodpecker CI to decide on an action.

Look and feel fixes

The Forgejo theme was modified to take into account user feedback.



This is the first Forgejo release.

Forgejo improvements

Woodpecker CI

A new CI configuration based on Woodpecker CI was created. It is used to:

Look and feel

The default themes were replaced by Forgejo themes and the landing page was modified to display the Forgejo logo and names but the look and feel remains otherwise identical to Gitea.

Landing page


Gitea instances fetch weekly by default, which raises privacy concerns. In Forgejo this feature needs to be explicitly activated at installation time or by modifying the configuration file. Forgejo also provides an alternative RSS feed to be informed when a new release is published.



This release was replaced by 1.18.0-1 a few hours after being published because the release process was interrupted.


This is the first Forgejo release candidate.