Make randomization easy
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Make randomization easy

Please do not theme this app License: AGPL v3 Matrix

A screenshot of the main chrome of Random

Download on Flathub

More screenshots Roulette UI of Random Coin UI of Random

🎰 Uses

  • Choose what to do for a date
  • Play a number-guess game
  • Choose between coffee or tea
  • For science!

📩 Download Random!

Download it from Flathub by clicking the really big button above.

👩‍💻️ Techy stuff

Show the techy stuff

📲 Another way to download

Head on over to the Releases page and grab the latest Flatpak, then install it.

📝 A note

You can get it through the user-submitted AUR repo, but that will usually be out of date. The method I support the most is Flathub/Flatpak.

🛠️ Building Random


Clone this repo on GNOME Builder >= 3.28, open it, and click the Build button.

Native / Host

Clone this repo, and in the cloned directory run these commands:

meson _build --prefix=/usr && cd _build
sudo ninja install

You will need to install:



I don't support anything but Flatpak. You will have to run this app through WSL, although Windows is such a privacy nightmare I do not support WSL. The app may be broken on Windows too. My reccomendation is to use this app on GNOME *NIX systems.

🌐 Translating Random

Help me make some po files! I'm not very fluent in any language except English, so translations would be appreciated. Do NOT include .mo files, I will reject your PR if so.

🛣️ Roadmap for Random

Roadmap for 1.1 - 1.2

  • Move Randomization functionality to different file
  • random: links


  • Windows package (LTS)

👩‍💻️ How to contribute to Random


🚀 A starting guide

  • Make a PR (or message me on Matrix) adding yourself to the Contributors section in this README.
  • Next, here are some things I will label as wontfix.
    • Anything against GNOME HIG
    • Something too advanced for this simple app And don't forget to test before your PR! Have a great day.

🤓 EditorConfig

Make sure to follow the EditorConfig guidelines specified in the .editorconfig file. And check the EditorConfig website to see if your IDE is compatible!

🤝 Conduct

This project follows the GNOME Code of Conduct.

👥 Contributors to Random

See the Contributors

👥 The Contributors

Uses the All Contributors Emoji Key.

🖥️ Supported OS?

Long thing about OS support

🐧 Linux

Already supported; this is the main support!

🪟 Windows

Not for right now. Check the Roadmap for details on Windows support. And if you do want Windows, get ready to build it yourself.

🍏 MacOS and/or iOS

No, never. I am against all Apple platforms, and Random will never have a Mac package. I don't think GTK is supported on iOS either, though.

🤖 Android

GTK isn't supported yet, but I would publish on F-Droid.

💸 Donations

I am well off and do not need donations. Instead, donate to trans people in need.