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    Codeberg projects live in their repos and aren't forked here.

    My time goes to Codeberg and an event project, where I promote Free Software and sustainability.


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Some experiments on a Codeberg moderation frontend

Updated 3 months ago

Building the new Codeberg Pages - with custom domain support, per-repo pages using the "pages" branch, caching and much more!

Updated 5 months ago

Blog content and code

Updated 5 months ago

Codeberg documentation content

Updated 6 months ago

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Bridge hack between Overleaf CE and Git [my fork from]

Updated 7 months ago

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gitea repo mirror

Updated 8 months ago

Build and deploy user-facing frontend (gitea)

Updated 10 months ago

Config // setup scripts for LXQT on WiLaP Potsdam (Germany) PCs to help students without access to computer resources through Corona e-learning. Documentation in German.

Updated 1 year ago

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This repo contains config files, tiny scripts and daily helpers I use. Its main purpose is to sync it between machines, but feel free to check it out and propose improvements.

Updated 2 years ago