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This is a Cordova-based unofficial client for retrieving and viewing data from the distributed ambient radioactivity monitoring service hosted at by GQ Electronics LLC.


I'm a happy GQ Electronics costumer who owns a couple of dosimeters and I really like looking at measurements people are sharing from around the world.
What I hate about the official website is that:

  • the UI is not so great
  • it is not as quick as an app to check out
  • it embeds Google Maps

So I decided to make my own client.


This client uses Leaflet and OpenStreetMap, which according to me are hands down better choices than Google Maps.

Build the app yourself

  1. git clone
  2. cd cordova-gmcmap
  3. mkdir www
  4. npm i
  5. cordova platform add android
  6. npm run build

Then npm run run to deploy to default target