Flowee Pay. A cross-platform wallet using the Flowee libraries. https://flowee.org/products/pay/
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This is the repository of Flowee Pay.

Flowee Pay is a payment solution, also often called wallet, that allows users to pay and receive Bitcoin Cash in a simple application with little to no external parties or (indexing) servers it needs to depend on. The only really required dependent is the peer to peer network, and thus the Internet.

We use QML for the user interface, which allows fast turnaround for skinning and a very strong model/view separation. The goal here is to have multiple user interfaces for the one codebase. For instance you can have a very different user experience and set of features on desktop than on Android. You can simply "skin" an existing GUI and change it to have your companies logo (we want you to do that! Just please use a different name for the app you ship then!)

The goal of having a Free Software product like Flowee Pay is that average users can use the community client and when companies that want to bundle a wallet with their product (for instance to do some token thingy) they are more than welcome to provide their own skinning instead of the ones that are included in this repo.

Any companies or groups doing this are going to help increase the quality of the main free software product and thus this benefits all.


Flowee Pay uses libraries from Flowee, you need to either install the main flowee package via your package manager or compile it before you compile Pay. The minimum version required for the Flowee libraries is 2022.07.0

For ubuntu getting the latest is a matter of calling:

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:flowee/ppa
  sudo apt update
  sudo apt install flowee-libs

You need cmake and Qt5. When you have those installed it is just a matter of calling:

  mkdir build
  cd build
  cmake ..
  make install

We depend on the libraries shipped in 'theHub', also from Flowee. If you compile theHub yourself you may want to export the following variable in case the build wasn't found in the 'cmake' line above:

export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/path/to/the/thehub-build

Followed with again the call to cmake and make like above.


Want to start Hacking, getting to know QML as well? Here is a video playlist of 5 short videos explaining the tech youtube

To develop on the app, especially if you will work on the QML, we suggest the following workflow:

  mkdir build
  cd build
  cmake -Dlocal_qml=ON -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`pwd` ..
  make install

The executables will be in floweepay/build/bin/ and by passing the local_qml additional cmake option the app will renember that it should fetch the QML files from your local harddrive. This allows you to change the QML files and simply restart the app without recompile.

For development you can run either pay or pay_mobile, depending on which front-end you are working on.

To develop on the app we suggest starting one of those app with these options:
bin/pay --offline --testnet4