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Build Status GPL 3 licensed

Task app based on OrbTk

Space Editor

Live Demo


  • Redox OS (native)
  • Linux (native | cargo-node wip)
  • macOS (native | cargo-node wip)
  • Windows (native | cargo-node wip)
  • openBSD (not tested, but should work)
  • Web


You can start the editor by executing the following command:

cargo run --release

Run with cargo-node

To run the editor on as browser or electron app you have to install

cargo install -f cargo-node

Before you could use cargo node you have to install npm version 6.9.0. It is included in the Node.js version 10.16.3. You could download it from

Rust’s cargo is presumed. All other dependencies of cargo node will be installed automatic.


  • Run as browser app:
cargo node run --browser
  • Run as electron app:
cargo node run --electron


Licensed under GPL v3 license (LICENSE)