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# Generates unit tests to verify that the assets exists in assets directory
generate_tests: true
# Use this to remove vcs noise created by the `generated` comments in dart code
no_comments: true
# Exports all the generated file as the one library
export: true
# This allows you to import all the generated references with 1 single import!
use_part_of: true
# Generates a variable that contains a list of all asset values.
use_references_list: true
# Location where all the generated references will be stored
package: resources
- class_name: SvgIcons
path: assets/icons
types: [.svg]
# - class_name: Licenses
# path: assets/licenses
# types: [.txt]
# - class_name: Images
# path: assets/images
# types: [.png, .svg, .jpg]
- class_name: Pride
path: assets/pride
types: [.png, .svg, .jpg]