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Basti aa99201e10
upgpkg: gnome-shell-extension-nasa-apod 33-1
1 month ago
dracut-hook-uefi upgpkg: dracut-hook-uefi 0.7.0-1 9 months ago
git-gone upgpkg: git-gone 0.3.8-2 3 months ago
gnome-search-providers-jetbrains upgpkg: gnome-search-providers-jetbrains 1.11.0-1 3 months ago
gnome-search-providers-vscode upgpkg: gnome-search-providers-vscode 1.9.0-1 3 months ago
gnome-shell-extension-nasa-apod upgpkg: gnome-shell-extension-nasa-apod 33-1 1 month ago
nb upgpkg: nb 6.9.5-1 3 months ago
wcal-git Update srcinfo 1 year ago
zsa-wally-cli-git upgpkg: zsa-wally-cli-git 2.0.1.r0.e488ddd-3 7 months ago Add README 2 years ago


AUR packages and pkgbuilds I maintain.