Gnome shell search providers for jetbrains IDEs
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Gnome search provider for Jetbrains projects

Add recent projects of various Jetbrains IDEs to Gnome search.

Note: This project is not affiliated with or endorsed by JetBrains.



  • Android Studio (toolbox)
  • CLion (toolbox)
  • GoLand (toolbox)
  • IDEA (toolbox)
  • IDEA Community Edition (toolbox)
  • PHPStorm (toolbox)
  • PyCharm (toolbox)
  • Rider (toolbox)
  • RubyMine (toolbox)
  • WebStorm (toolbox)

Under the hood this is a small systemd user service which implements the search provider DBus API and exposes recent projects from Jetbrains IDEs.


Packages & binaries

The following repositories are provided by 3rd parties, and listed only for informational purposes only. I do not support or endorse these repositories, use at your own risk.

From source

  1. Install rust

  2. Debian only: Install libgtk-3-dev and libsystemd-dev.

  3. Build make build

  4. Install sudo make install

    This installs to /usr/local/.

    Note: You really do need to install as root, system-wide. A per-user installation to $HOME does not work as of Gnome 40, because Gnome shell doesn't load search providers from $HOME (see


To uninstall use sudo make uninstall.


To enable debug information for the service run systemctl --user service-log-level gnome-search-providers-jetbrains.service info. Use debug instead of info for even more verbose logging. The default level is notice.

Alternatively start the executable directly with RUST_LOG=debug or RUST_LOG=trace.


Copyright Sebastian Wiesner

This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, You can obtain one at