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Sebastian Wiesner 3fda17b824
Download rust-analyzer
2 days ago
arch Download rust-analyzer 2 days ago
backup Set reason for inhibiting 5 days ago
bin Add script to run fish in new scope 4 months ago
certificates Add script to check required renewals for my certificates 5 days ago
environment Use code as text editor 2 months ago
fish Merge commit 'fe3c500a8a0a029f60141daec4f7990426268884' 3 weeks ago
git No longer use vim as diff/merge tool 2 months ago
gnome Move to right hand side 3 weeks ago
latex Make latexmk never stop 2 months ago
misc Do not enable wayland for electron 2 months ago
neovim Use tokyonight colortheme 4 months ago
powershell Restore some old powershell configuration 6 months ago
scala Update ammonite predef 1 year ago
ssh Add Gnome Gitlab host key 3 weeks ago
vim Fix compatibility with some old tools 6 months ago
windows Fix winget flag syntax 6 months ago
.gitmodules Remove old vim configuration 6 months ago
check.bash Improve check script 5 months ago
install.bash Gracefully configure gnome 4 days ago
install.ps1 Remove wrong shebang 5 months ago