Fediverse Enhancement Proposals
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Fediverse Enhancement Proposals

This is the Git repository containing Fediverse Enhancment Proposals (FEPs).

A Fediverse Enhancement Proposal (FEP) is a document that provides information to the Fediverse community. The goal of a FEP is to improve interoperability and well-being of diverse services, applications and communities that form the Fediverse.

The FEP Process is an initiative of the SocialHub developer community, a liaison of the W3C Social Web Incubator Community Group. For ongoing and past discussion see the SocialHub FEP category.


Title Status Tracking issue dateReceived dateFinalized (or dateWithdrawn)
FEP-a4ed: The Fediverse Enhancement Proposal Process FINAL #10 2020-10-16 2021-01-18
FEP-8fcf: Followers collection synchronization across servers FINAL #6 #11 2020-10-24 2022-02-07
FEP-f1d5: NodeInfo in Fediverse Software FINAL #50 #12 2020-12-13 2023-06-02
FEP-400e: Publicly-appendable ActivityPub collections FINAL #5 2021-02-16 2022-02-04
FEP-8c3f: Web Monetization DRAFT #3 2022-01-18 -
FEP-2100: Unbound Group and Organization DRAFT #36 2022-03-31 -
FEP-e232: Object Links DRAFT #14 2022-08-01 -
FEP-5624: Per-object reply control policies DRAFT #18 2022-08-23 -
FEP-1b12: Group federation FINAL #22 2022-11-12 2023-02-09
FEP-8b32: Object Integrity Proofs DRAFT #29 2022-11-12 -
FEP-c390: Identity Proofs DRAFT #34 2022-11-23 -
FEP-cb76: Content Addressed Vocabulary DRAFT #41 2022-11-29 -
FEP-fb2a: Actor metadata DRAFT #45 2022-12-09 -
FEP-c118: Content licensing support DRAFT #57 2023-01-16 -
FEP-2e40: The FEP Vocabulary Extension Process WITHDRAWN #62 2023-02-13 2023-09-04
FEP-7888: Demystifying the context property DRAFT #68 2023-03-14 -
FEP-d767: Extend ActivityPub with Valueflows DRAFT #76 2023-04-02 -
FEP-5bf0: Collection sorting and filtering DRAFT #80 2023-04-10 -
FEP-888d: Using https://w3id.org/fep as a base for FEP-specific namespaces DRAFT #83 2023-04-10 -
FEP-0ea0: Payment Links DRAFT #88 2023-04-18 -
FEP-612d: Identifying ActivityPub Objects through DNS DRAFT #89 2023-04-18 -
FEP-fffd: Proxy Objects DRAFT #95 2023-04-29 -
FEP-4adb: Dereferencing identifiers with webfinger DRAFT #100 2023-05-13 -
FEP-a070: Ordered properties for plain JSON consumers DRAFT #121 2023-06-13 -
FEP-c648: Blocked Collection DRAFT #123 2023-06-14 -
FEP-bad1: Object history collection DRAFT #124 2023-06-15 -
FEP-4ccd: Pending Followers Collection and Pending Following Collection DRAFT #129 2023-06-21 -
FEP-d36d: Sharing Content Across Federated Forums DRAFT #125 2023-07-01 -
FEP-1970: Chat Links DRAFT #128 2023-07-04 -
FEP-521a: Representing actor's public keys DRAFT #130 2023-07-08 -
FEP-ae97: Client-side activity signing DRAFT #148 2023-08-14 -
FEP-0837: Federated Marketplace DRAFT #147 2023-08-17 -
FEP-67ff: FEDERATION.md DRAFT #157 2023-09-05 -
FEP-5feb: Search indexing consent for actors DRAFT #154 2023-09-06 -
FEP-dc88: Formatting Mathematics DRAFT #161 2023-09-12 -
FEP-d8c2: OAuth 2.0 Profile for the ActivityPub API DRAFT #165 2023-09-17 -
FEP-7628: Move actor DRAFT #168 2023-09-20 -
FEP-07d7: A Custom URL Scheme and Web-Based Protocol Handlers for Linking to ActivityPub Resources DRAFT #171 2023-09-22 -
FEP-37f2: a policy for calls for consensus on SWICG group decisions DRAFT #184 2023-09-28 -

Submitting a FEP

Do you have an idea, opinion or information that you want to share with the wider Fediverse community? You may do so with a Fediverse Enhancement Proposal (FEP).

To create and submit a FEP:

  1. Fork this repository, and then clone it to your local machine. Check the Codeberg Cheat sheet on how to prepare your Pull Request.
  2. Think of a title for the FEP you want to submit.
  3. Compute the identifier of the FEP by computing the hash of the title. This can be done with following Unix command:
$ echo -n "The title of my proposal" | sha256sum | cut -c-4
  1. Create a subdirectory of fep/ using the identifier you just computed.

  2. Copy the FEP template (fep-xxxx-template.md) to this subdirectory and change the filename appropriately.

  3. Use the identifer as the "slug" when filling out the frontmatter.

    • For example, if your computed identifier was abcd, then your file would be located at fep/abcd/fep-abcd.md and your frontmatter would include slug: "abcd".
  4. Write down your idea in the newly created file and commit it to a new branch in your repository (ex. fep-xxxx).

  5. Create a Pull Request to complete Step 1 of FEP-a4ed: The Fediverse Enhancement Proposal Process. Further process is described in FEP-a4ed.


The list of FEP's is facilitated by Editors who are listed in the EDITORS.md file. Editors are neutral custodians of the FEP process, who merge PR's, create tracking issues, and start discussion threads for each FEP in the SocialHub developer community forum.


Do you have ideas to improve the FEP Process? Post your suggestions to the issue tracker, or on the SocialHub forum. The SocialHub developer community is a "DoOcracy" which means: “pick up any task you want, and then steer it to completion”. Your contributions are most welcome, so delve in and find out how you can help.


CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication

To the extent possible under law, the authors of this document have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.