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This Wiki is for research about Fediverse and federated network technologies. The collected information is input to the fediverse.party website.

Contributors welcome! Send a (merge requests). If you wish to do research and fact checking, to add or update information in our wiki, please, contact @light or any other project member and you'll be added to this repository.

Format for watchlist entries (click to expand)

Style guide: Each new entry in the watchlists has the following parts:

  • 🎉 - applicable symbols (see meaning below), required.
  • AppName in bold text with link to source repository, required.
  • (site, Fedi account) between brackets, when available.
    • site: the official website of the app, if available besides the code repository.
    • Fedi account: official app's / developer's account in any Fediverse connected network.
  • Semicolon followed by description text, required.
  • License, Language formatted as code (using backtick character), required.
    • License: no need to mention 'GNU' just state e.g. GPL-3.0. Use a dash - if unknown
    • Language: required for code repositories. Use a dash - otherwise


  • 🎉 Pleroma (site): Microblogging platform AGPL-3.0, Elixir

See the ActivityPub Watchlist for more good examples.

Key to symbols used on this wiki

== added to live website (app is listed somewhere on fediverse.party)

🎉 == projects that successfully federate

== newly added to this page (added, not altered. Only @light to remove please)

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