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List of projects that consider implementing one or more of the fediverse standards (OStatus, ActivityPub, Diaspora, Zot)

Note: once the developers of an app firmly commit to an implementation, please move it from this list to the watchlist for the relevant protocol. Most of these projects include both a back-end and a web client, but this list also includes projects that are only a back-end. Projects that are only a web app, for use with an existing back-end, will go on the client watchlist.

Discontinued Projects That Considered Support for Fediverse Protocols

  • postActiv - code forge and then homepage went offline in late 2019, followed by community.highlandarrow.com, one of the few postActiv instances (although highlandarrow.com is still live as of early 2020), none of them were archived on the WaybackMachine, so the links here are dead and kept for historical references. postActiv originally worked with OStatus. Considered implementing Zot, and implementing ActivityPub. As of May, 2019, lead dev had lost interest in AP.