6 FediverseParty agreement
lostinlight edited this page 2 years ago

1. Account will post about anything *Fediverse related but not violating rule (2). New software announcements / reshares, welcoming any Fedi newcomer movements (TwitterExodusScotland etc), promoting Fedi projects, posting useful bits of info about Fedi (formated with points •, emojis, paragraphs, etc).

2. Posts must not be explicitly politically or religiously aligned because not all editors have similar political / religious views and have the same opinion about controversial Fedi topics / dramas. Better leave such posts for one's personal accounts. Please, be friendly and optimistic (we're a "party", after all:).

3. Most posts from this account will end with a line indicating its author in this form: "-w" (for @wakest). The account profile description will list all its administrators. The followers will understand who they're talking to / whom each individual answer in the thread represents. This rule may be sometimes ignored, for example, when we share the link to new post on our own blog (it'll include author's name by default) or when posting something generic ("Happy New Year, Fedi!").

4.. Any Direct Messages sent from this account for "official" private questions / offers to Fedi developers will also indicate the author at the end, similar to public posts (see (3)). Any account administrator may read these DMs but won't answer in the DM thread unless they are the one who initiated the conversation OR unless they also want to take part in the conversation with their own suggestions (in this case, please, make it clear you're another administrator of the account joining the discussion). Our correspondents should understand who they're talking to.

*By Fediverse we currently agree to count software using any of the four protocols: diaspora, ActivityPub, Zot, OStatus. We won't post about any other federating / decentralised / p2p things from this account.

NOTE: due to some bug, our followers on Mastodon will not see RESHARES (sharing anyone else's post) from this account in their Mastodon timelines. They may see such reshares only if they directly open our account profile in Mastodon. This seriously decreases the visibility of our reshares in Mastodon-verse. Until this bug is fixed, please, try to create posts directly and include any interesting information there, instead of resharing other users' messages. (-l)