5 Fediverse app criteria
Arnold Schrijver edited this page 2 years ago

Criteria for adding an app to fediverse.party

  1. The app must be fully open source: backend, frontend and everything required for an independent self-hosted work;

  2. The app must implement at least one of the protocols that allow it to interoperate with other federated networks: OStatus, diaspora protocol, Zot, ActivityPub;

  3. If in the future other federating protocols appear, the scope of the website may be expanded. However, interoperability is key. An XMPP, Matrix or any other world of federating apps may be covered only if any of them start federating with existing Fedi networks or if Fedi projects integrate these other protocols. TL;DR: bot-like functionality of reposting from some networks to others is not considered interoperability. Two-way interoperability with support of basic things (limited view messages, likes, reshares, comments) is expected.

Criteria for software being a (typical) social network, to be added to main page of this website

  1. Content is sent / received as a whole post, can be read and interacted with from within another network

  2. The app should allow at least some of these actions:

  • follow
  • be followed
  • post a reply
  • receive a reply
  • repost