4 Federated Social Web Timeline
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Identica/ pump.io/ GNU social

2008 XEP-xxxx: Microblogging Over XMPP (published 2008-05-07)

Founding of Laconica/ Identica project

Publication of OpenMicroBlogging spec

Rebranding as StatusNet/ OStatus: https://web.archive.org/web/20090831073527/http://status.net/2009/08/28/laconica-is-now-statusnet/

Publication of OStatus spec

Publication of pump.io spec

Identi.ca switched to pump.io

Forking of Free & Social

Founding of GNU social

Merger of StatusNet, and Free & Social, into GNU social


Founding of Diaspora project

Crowdfunding success on Kickstarter

First Diaspora pod

Publication of Diaspora spec

Friendica/ Hubzilla/ Zap

Founding of Mistpark project

Publication of DFRN spec

Rebrand to Friendika

Rebrand to Friendica

Launch of RedMatrix project