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"title": "funkwhale",
"category": "social network",
"type": "audio streaming",
"logoClr": "009FE3",
"created": "2015",
"official": "https://funkwhale.audio",
"license": "AGPL-3.0",
"repo": "https://dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/funkwhale",
"language": "Python",
{"title": "ActivityPub", "url": "https://activitypub.rocks"}
"wiki": "https://docs.funkwhale.audio",
{"num": "1", "url": "https://network.funkwhale.audio/dashboards/d/overview/network-overview"},
{"num": "2", "url": "https://the-federation.info/funkwhale"},
{"num": "3", "url": "https://fedidb.org/network/?s=funkwhale"},
{"num": "4", "url": "https://funkwhale.fediverse.observer/list"}
"mobile": "https://funkwhale.audio/en_US/apps",
{"id": "0", "url": "https://docs.funkwhale.audio/stable/users/index.html"}
"devTutorial": "https://docs.funkwhale.audio/stable/installation/index.html",
{"id": "0", "url": "https://app.spacebear.ee"}
"mascot": [{"item": "whale", "imgNum": "1"}],
"dwellers": "",
"communities": "",
"descr": "Funkwhale is a community-driven project that lets you listen and share music within a decentralized, open network. Funkwhale is not only an audio server and player, it was designed to be a place for socializing around music and discovering new content.",
"connections": ["Mastodon"],
{"descr": "Funkwhale interface", "img": "funkwhale-1.png"},
{"descr": "Funkwhale profile interface", "img": "funkwhale-2.jpg"}
"donate": "https://funkwhale.audio/support-us#donate",
"tracker": "https://dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/funkwhale/issues",
"bounty": "",
"translating": "https://docs.funkwhale.audio/stable/translators.html",
"reading": [
"title": "Funkwhale: past, present... and future?",
"url": "https://blog.funkwhale.audio/~/Announcements/funkwhale-past-present-and-future"
"title": "A podcasting task force and Funkwhale anniversary",
"url": "https://blog.funkwhale.audio/~/Announcements/blog-post-week-2019-48-a-podcasting-task-force-and-an-anniversary"
"notable": ""