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"nickname": "lostinlight",
"fediacc": "mastodon.xyz/@lightone",
"avatar": "/img/about/lostinlight.png",
"info": "creator and maintainer of this website; likes cats and frontend design",
"name": "",
"site": "",
"gitaccs": [ "codeberg.org/lostinlight" ]
"nickname": "minoru",
"fediacc": "functional.cafe/@minoru",
"avatar": "/img/about/minoru.png",
"info": "admin of this website, creator of nodes.fediverse.party; maintainer of Newsboat; writes programs in C++, reads sci-fi",
"name": "Alexander Batischev",
"site": "blog.debiania.in.ua",
"gitaccs": [ "codeberg.org/Minoru", "github.com/Minoru", "gitlab.com/Minoru-kun" ]
"nickname": "humanetech",
"fediacc": "mastodon.social/@humanetech",
"avatar": "/img/about/humanetech.png",
"info": "maintainer of this website's Wiki pages, creator of Delightful lists that are input to this website; FOSS and Fediverse advocate, mod at SocialHub, facilitates Humane Tech Community",
"name": "Arnold Schrijver",
"site": "",
"gitaccs": [ "codeberg.org/circlebuilder" ]
"nickname": "strypey",
"fediacc": "mastodon.nzoss.nz/@strypey",
"avatar": "/img/about/strypey.jpg",
"info": "creator of this website's Wiki pages, community developer",
"name": "Danyl Strype",
"site": "",
"gitaccs": [ ]