A curated list of Fediverse client applications based on the ActivityPub protocol.
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delightful fediverse clients delightful

A curated list of Fediverse clients for accessing server applications based on the ActivityPub protocol and related standards.


Client apps

The applications in the table below are listed in alphabetic order. A 👻 emoji in "License/language" column indicates that the code project has been inactive for over a year, or is officially abandoned.

Client Supported apps Supported Platforms License/language
AndStatus ActivityPub C2S, Pump.io, Mastodon, GNU Social Android Apache-2.0, Kotlin
Brutaldon Mastodon, Pleroma Web-based AGPL-3.0, Python
Cuckoo Mastodon Web-based 👻 MIT, Vue/Typescript
feathr Mastodon Android, iOS AGPL-3.0, Dart
Fedi Mastodon, Pleroma Android, iOS AGPL-3.0, Dart
Fedilab Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, GNU Social, Friendica, Pixelfed Android GPL-3.0, Java
Fedilab Lite Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, GNU Social, Friendica, Pixelfed Android GPL-3.0, Java
Friendiqa Friendica Android, Linux GPL-3.0, QML
Gomphotherium Mastodon Linux-CLI GPL-3.0, Go
Halcyon Mastodon, Pleroma Web-based AGPL-3.0, PHP
Husky Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin
Jerboa Lemmy Android AGPL-3.0, Kotlin
Kaiteki Misskey, Pleroma, Mastodon Linux, Web-based, Windows AGPL-3.0, Dart
Lemmur Lemmy Android, Linux, Windows GPL-2.0, Dart
mastodon.el Mastodon Emacs GPL-3.0, Emacs Lisp
Mastodon Android Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Java
Mastodon iOS Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Swift
Metatext Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Swift
MissCat Misskey iOS Apache-2.0, Swift
Mousetodon Mastodon Android AGPL-3.0, Java
Nomad Hubzilla Android 👻 GPLv3, Java
Otter Funkwhale Android MIT, Kotlin
P2Play PeerTube Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin
Pinafore Mastodon Web-based AGPL-3.0, Javascript
PixelDroid Pixelfed Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin
Remmel Lemmy iOS MIT, Swift
Resin Pixelfed Android, iOS GPL-3.0, Javascript
Sengi Mastodon, Pleroma Linux, Mac, Web, Windows AGPL-3.0, Typescript
Thorium PeerTube Android AGPL-3.0, Kotlin
Tokodon Mastodon KDE Plasma, Plasma Mobile GPL-3.0, C++
Toot Mastodon Linux-CLI GPL-3.0, Python
Tooot Mastodon Android, iOS GPL-3.0, Typescript
Tootle Mastodon Linux GPL-3.0, Vala
TubeLab PeerTube Android GPL-3.0, Java
Twidere Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin
Twitlatte Mastodon Android Apache-2.0, Kotlin
Tusky Mastodon Android GPL-3.0, Kotlin
Welcome to my place ActivityPods Web Apache-2.0, Javascript
Whalebird Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey Linux, MacOS, Windows MIT, Vue/Typescript
Zootdeck Mastodon, Pleroma Linux MIT, Zig


If you have questions or feedback regarding this list, then please create an Issue in our tracker, and optionally @mention one or more of our maintainers:


With delight we present you some of our delightful contributors (please add yourself if you are missing).


CC0 Public domain. This work is free of known copyright restrictions.