Fediverse Futures

Fediverse: Peopleverse! Social Networking Reimagined

A curated list of apps, for mobile and desktop, for accessing accounts in the Fediverse network (based on ActivityPub).

Updated 11 hours ago

A curated list of server applications with support for the ActivityPub protocol (Fediverse network) and related standards.

Updated 11 hours ago

🌌 A quick look into Fediverse networks -

Updated 21 hours ago

Fediverse Enhancement Proposals

Updated 2 days ago

A curated list of developer resources related to ActivityPub and the Fediverse.

Updated 2 weeks ago

SocialHub: Community empowerment • Cooperation • Healthy growth • Advocacy

Updated 2 months ago

Fedi Quiz dedicated to Fediverse Birthday '22

Updated 6 months ago

Curated list of delightful articles, videos and websites that provide information about the Fediverse.

Updated 7 months ago