Turn Patreon e-mails into RSS feeds.
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A subrosian from Oracle of Seasons

Turn Patreon e-mails into RSS feeds

Patreon doesn't generate RSS feeds. Some people, like me, like RSS. sub-rosa will scrape your Patreon e-mails, turn them into feeds, and if you use Miniflux it'll even add them to your feed reader for you.

See example-config.toml for... the example config. Put it in ~/.config/sub-rosa/config.toml.


  1. Don't be a jackass with this. Store the feeds somewhere private behind HTTP basic auth.
  2. This is very much a 'patches welcome' project; unless I want/need it or you supply a patch, it probably won't get done.
  3. I have no clue what Patreon will think of this. That being said, my artist friends I asked said they're fine since as long as you're giving them money they don't care about clickthroughs to the posts themselves.
  4. This needs your e-mail username and password. I suggest running this as a systemd timer or service on your personal machine, since anyone that compromises that is likely to own you anyway. You can also forward all e-mails from bingo@patreon.com to another e-mail and point sub-rosa at that, although I don't know how the forwarding will affect it. If you do this and it doesn't work, let me know and I'll fix it!

The name?

It's a subscription RSS generator.