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A free and cloudless replacement for your gadget vendors' closed source Android applications. Supports Pebble, Mi Band, Liveview, HPlus and more.

Updated 1 day ago

Discussion of community- and platform-related issues

Updated 1 week ago

Kubernetes Web View to list and view all Kubernetes resources

Updated 1 week ago

gitea repo mirror

Updated 1 day ago

Updated 6 days ago

Redesigned website based on static-site generator Hugo

Updated 19 hours ago

An official mirror (for now...) of the FreeCAD project. Currently maintained in sync manually by Yorik. Please check https://www.freecadweb.org for issues and pull requests

Updated 2 weeks ago

Quellcode von Anoxinon.de, mit Hugo, basierend auf Kube. Git master: Cebeer

Updated 1 month ago

A WebExtension to redirect ALL YouTube and Twitter requests to their alternative interfaces.

Updated 2 weeks ago

A lightweight version of Fedilab but with all essential features

Updated 2 weeks ago

FitoTrack - A privacy oriented fitness tracker for Android

Updated 2 weeks ago

Build and deploy user-facing frontend (gitea)

Updated 1 day ago

Rust crate to implement at least parts of the PBRT book's C++ code. See also https://www.rs-pbrt.org/about ...

Updated 2 days ago

MicroDexed is a compatible 6-operator-FM-synth based on the Teensy(-3.5/-3.6) Microcontroller.

Updated 12 minutes ago

Makes F-Droid repositories accessible in the fediverse by publishing events about new and updated apps as posts under apps' accounts.

Updated 10 months ago

Upcycled version of switching.social - recreated from social.kalum.ca, web.archive.org and google cache

Updated 4 days ago

A PIC16 Assembler & Emulator (Interpreter) written in plain C from scratch without relying on any external libraries.

Updated 2 months ago

Quellcode von Anoxinon.media, mit Hugo, basierend auf Universal. Git Master: Cebeer

Updated 4 days ago

Designing Codeberg.org

Updated 8 months ago