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Simple 3D viewer for GDS2 files. Based on OpenSCAD and KLayout.

Updated 1 day ago

coming soon... Feedreader aka News-Aggregator aka RSS/Atom-Reader

Updated 4 days ago

Open Pentesting and Security Framework (OPAS-F) Server

Updated 1 week ago

CMOS standard cell generator and characterization suite.

Updated 1 week ago

Add-ons for Blender

Updated 2 weeks ago

A simple 3D layout viewer based on OpenSCAD. (KLayout Salt package)

Updated 3 weeks ago

Python bindings to ngspice and Xyce circuit simulators.

Updated 1 month ago

Netlist extraction into SPICE format for KLayout.

Updated 1 month ago

Makes F-Droid repositories accessible in the fediverse by publishing events about new and updated apps as posts under apps' accounts.

Updated 2 months ago

Little script collection for the calculation of solar fuel device efficiency limits considering detailed-balance and catalysis.

Updated 2 months ago

Simple, incomplete implementation of the Beats protocol used by Elastic Beats and Logstash

Updated 2 months ago

Solutions for Project Euler written in Python

Updated 2 months ago

Simple python script to add/replace license headers in a directory tree of source files.

Updated 7 months ago